Live in the Moment.

Strive for Excellence. 


My American Professor has always encouraged me by saying, “Sally, you need to be an Asian woman with a voice.” I listened and decided to have a voice, have original ideas, yet keep my sense of place in the world.  But, I never want to be an echo.

Zhang Weihan (张蔚涵) is my Chinese name. As its Chinese meaning, it is a lush forest contains millions of nutrition. The name was given by my parents with a hope that it can drive me to widen up my horizon and strive for excellence while holding my own values. I believe I am living up their expectations.

In college, I learned that branding is not a well-practiced skill yet in China.  So, I explored this field and eventually developed a deep passion for it. I was trained to think strategically and act creatively in my undergraduate studies. Now, I am continuing to build my branding knowledge at the VCU Brandcenter.

My studies in an international college and my work in global organization over the past few years have allowed me to define myself as a global citizen. Through travel, study and work in seven countries, I have recognized the importance of bringing different cultures together and create impact to the society.